New Location March 15, 2019

I am very excited to announce that as of March 15, 2019 I will be practicing massage therapy out of Bodywise Fitness Centre at 127A Athabasca Avenue, Hinton, Alberta. You do not need to have a membership at the gym in order to book an appointment but I highly recommend the facility. Please use the 'Book Now'  button to come and see me for your registered massage therapy needs. 

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2019 Fee Schedule

All fees do NOT include GST


30 minute therapeutic massage - $50

45 minute therapeutic massage - $70

60 minute therapeutic massage - $85

75 minute therapeutic massage - $105

90 minute therapeutic massage - $125

Specializing In...

Sports, Deep Tissue & Pregnancy Massage

Potential Benefits of Pre-Natal Massage Therapy:

  • Reduced back pain
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced headaches
  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Better sleep

I can offer my pregnant clients the comfort of a pregnancy massage table that will allow you to lay flat while safely cradling your tummy. 



Celebrating 3 Years of Massage Therapy

Where has another year gone? November 4th was the 3rd anniversary of Kristin Wilson, RMT! So, let's celebrate with a give away.

With every visit in the month of November, I will enter your name in to win an essential oil aroma diffuser like the one I use in my treatment room. Refer a friend and receive an extra entry into the draw. I will have one or two, depending on the number of entries, of the diffusers to give away. The draw will be made on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 via live feed on my Facebook account. Stay tuned for additional info.

2015 Posts...

New Fee Schedule Effective Nov.15th, 2015

Please be advised that effective Sunday, November 15th, 2015 the cost per massage at Kristin Wilson, RMT will increase slightly (see fee schedule below).


I value you as a client and want to continue providing massages for you. If you have questions or concerns about this increase, please do not hesitate to give me a call (905) 802-5208

Fee Schedule Effective Nov.15th, 2015

All fees include HST

30 minute therapeutic massage - $55

45 minute therapeutic massage - $75

60 minute therapeutic massage - $90

75 minute therapeutic massage - $110

90 minute therapeutic massage - $130

Book a 30 minute Osteopathic Practice Session

I am now back from another amazing week of classes at the Canadian College of Osteopathy! This month we focused on the anatomy, biomechanics and treatment of the mid-back (thoracic spine), ribs and upper chest (sternum and clavicle). I am always looking for new and existing clients who would be interested in trying some of the new skills that I am learning. Please check out my 30 minute Osteopathic practice session, which can be booked through my online scheduling OR let me know if you would like a few minutes at the start or end of your treatment to incorporate some new techniques!

Add the Soft Tissue Tool to your next massage treatment

Please contact Kristin Wilson, RMT at (905) 802-5208 for additional information

Kristin Wilson, Registered Massage Therapist

I believe it is so important to listen to my client's specific needs and will provide you with an individualized treatment plan, whether it for massage treatment or personal training. Educating my clients and encouraging self care is an integral part of your effective treatment program.


Pregnancy Massage 

I am now able to offer my pregnant clients access to a specially-designed pre-natal massage table. Please email me at or call/text 905.802.5208 to book an appointment.


Hours of availability

Mondays - Morn./Evening

Tuesdays - Closed

Wednesdays - Morn./Eve

Thursdays - Morn./Eve

Friday - Morn./Evening

Saturdays - Morning/Aft.

Sundays - Morning/Aft.


Offering therapeutic massage therapy and personal strength training programs. I am proficient in deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques including trigger point and myo-fascial release. My massage experience includes, but is not limited to, muscle and joint injuries, overuse syndromes and postural imbalances. In addition to massage therapy, I have been working as a certified personal trainer for over five years.


Massage and exercise programming is an excellent union of therapies. Consistent strength and flexibility training effectively complements massage treatment. 

I am passionate about working with individuals and providing to them a treatment program that suits their personal needs. I believe in educating my clients and encourage self care as part of overall fitness and health plan.

My Locations

For Kristin's availability at Bodywise Fitness Centre in Hinton, Alberta, please use this link...


Please click on the 'Book Now' button to be taken to my online scheduling where you can view my current availability. 


Appointments can be scheduled online, through email or text. Same day bookings are welcome.

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Phone/Text: 905.802.5208




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