Day 4: Action Plan

Develop an action plan for every goal. It is not as scary as it sounds, an action plan is simply an extension of your SMART goals.

For example, a healthy nutrition resolution may involve: learning more about good nutrition, visiting a dietitian, finding ways to adapt your recipes, buying containers to pack lunches, learning how to prepare new foods, and planning extra time for shopping and cooking. Don't overwhelm yourself with every action step at once, but focus on a few things each day.


Some guidelines for your action plan:


1. Know where you are going

2. Be specific

3. Create measurable milestones

4. Make lists

5. Break large tasks into smaller tasks

6. Set a timeline

7. Create a visual representation of your goals

8. Schedule your accomplishments

9. Stick to your plan and don't stop until it is complete

10. Change the date but not the goal


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