Day 6: Share Your Goals

Share your goals with family and friends for invaluable support and assistance.

Confiding in them is a powerful motivator for helping you remain consistent and persistent.

You do have to be accountable to yourself, after all these are your goals. However, I can tell you from years of personal training that this is an extremely difficult task. We can rationalize almost any excuse for not reaching our goals. When times get tough it is extremely helpful to be accountable to someone other than yourself. 


Accountability to family members. – Being held accountable to your family may be easy for some and difficult for others. It’s best to find a family member that will remain positive and hold you accountable at the same time.

Accountability to friends. – Often a friend is a better choice for accountability than family members. It’s best you find a friend that wants to see you succeed and can push you to do more at the same time, maybe they will even join you!

Public accountability. – Another form of accountability is to announce it publicly. You can find lots of groups on the internet that are trying to achieve something similar to yourself. You could also start a blog charting your progress. This has been done many times successfully with people trying to lose weight.

Accountability to a professional. – I may be biased, because I am a personal trainer, but I think this is the best form of accountability. Why? Because a professional has an investment in your success. They genuinely want you to succeed. The advantage of a personal trainer and even massage therapist is the scheduled sessions that give you the opportunity to review your results since your last appointment. They’ll find lots of ways to motivate and push you to achieve your goals.

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