Day 8: Journal to Success

Start a journal.

This can be a simple notebook or a computer document. Use it to track your progress, record your successes and learn from your mistakes. When you

have a bad day, use it to remember why you chose these goals and how far you've come.

Journaling about your resolution goes nicely with a goal towards losing weight or exercising more. In fact, it has been shown that study participants who keep a food diary have better success than those who don't. Here are some tips from the experts:


Food Diary Tip No. 1: Know Your Reasons

Food Diary Tip No. 2: Choose Your Format

Food Diary Tip No. 3: Decide How Often to Update

Food Diary Tip No. 4: Decide How Detailed You Want to Be

Food Diary Tip No. 5: Be Accurate About Portion Sizes

Food Diary Tip No. 6: Include the 'Extras' that Add Up

Food Diary Tip No. 7: Beware of Common Obstacles

Food Diary Tip No. 8: Review What You Wrote

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