Injury Prevention & Massage

Whether you are a weekend warrior, serious athlete, or somewhere in between the two, regular massage therapy is becoming an important part of wellness programs. New and exciting research in this area is also now providing evidence of the effectiveness of massage.


While the benefits of using massage for stress relief, improving post-workout recovery, or treating soft tissue injuries are well known. Perhaps one of its greatest benefits, other than feeling really, really nice, is that massage can help in preventing injuries. Gone is the mentality of pushing through aches and pain and now the trend is showing that fitness enthusiasts are taking preventative measures before the injury happens.


Heavily exercised muscles are prone to being chronically tight (hypertonic) and unable to relax. This lack of flexibility can predispose a muscle to soreness, tears and pulls. Your massage therapist can help you reduce your chance of injury by improving the range of motion at your joints and increasing muscle flexibility.


The overall objective of regular, sports-related massage therapy is to help clients reach optimal performance through injury-free training. Regular massage gives your massage therapist the opportunity to find the areas unique to YOU that need to be addressed.


Make registered massage therapy a part of your regular wellness and fitness routine!

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    Melissa (Thursday, 27 April 2017 20:01)

    Yes massage is for everyone! The benefits are amazing! Once you try one you will be hooked! They are very addicting! :)

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